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Opt remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt dispelling the spot meter

opt cosmetology instrument is a kind of multifunctional instrument, main function is to remove stains, hair removal, operating red blood silk, tender skin, acne acne operation. Small make up the next article will detail opt remove spots all aspects of the content.

the first thing you need to clear is to opt in dispelling the spot can remove spots instrument do like freckles, spots and so on various skin punctiform plaques, although many of the manufacturer to promote it can be used to operate the dermis spot, but small make up to tell you it is difficult to achieve, because using opt pulsed light is a band of light, penetration depth is limited, energy is limited. In the aspect of operation skin dotted spot no equipment can be comparable to opt remove splash or e light beauty instrument, because there will be a lot of clients are full of freckles, quantity many, this time if it is use professional tuning Q laser will be very troublesome, efficiency is very low.

and opt remove splash instruments so the light spot area larger hand tools, so against freckles efficiency will be very expensive. After finished is the need to use some sunscreen products as well as the growth of the product to prevent freckles again, because freckles is a kind of easily affected by the seasons and the sun a spot, if the sun does not reach the designated position, freckles are more likely to grow, and this is why many customers complained that the freckles off at that time, but after a few years grow out again, it is because the customers usually don't pay attention to prevent bask in.

opt dispelling the spot meter here small make up today's introduction, information about the hair removal and other small make up and is not involved, because the big light hair removal technology and sliding hair removal technology, and equipped with a condenser temperature refrigeration technology and sapphire technology so is by far the good hair removal instrument.

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