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OPT tender skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Tender skin instrument OPT to

mentioned photon tender skin, is not a new beautiful people, this is a common beauty project, but the beauty in the continuous development of science and technology progress, tender skin instrument OPT for its powerful functions and became very popular. OPT tender skin, tender skin instrument can not only can realize hair removal, remove spots, broken capillaries and other functions, so tender skin instrument OPT what are the advantages?

OPT tender skin instrument according to the principle of selective absorption of light, penetrate the skin have thermal effect on the pigment tissue, decomposition of skin pigment particles, hemoglobin and so on, become weak gradually disappear. OPT tender skin instrument through relatively long wavelength stimulation and intense pulsed light skin tissue heating effect, make the skin collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia and rearranging, restore the elasticity of the skin, strengthen the function of blood vessels, circulation to improve the skin condition.

many beauty equipment manufacturers will get tender skin instrument OPT compared with e light beauty instrument, e light beauty equipment is set hair removal, tender skin, remove spots, acne, with various functions to red blood silk, is the utility of beauty equipment industry equipment, but uneven e light beauty instrument of pulse energy output, pulse energy is too high, and even time pulse energy attenuation. If a light produce five pulse, the vast majority of energy are concentrated in the first three pulses, but with the energy attenuation, after almost two pulse operation doesn't work. Tender skin of OPT to OPT technology launch and effective control pulse, emitting energy in uniform way, eliminate the energy fluctuation, gentle, and effective operation.

OPT tender tender skin, the skin also has hair removal, remove spots, acne, red blood silk, and other functions, adsorption function to add OPT technology, dual mode, is worth having beauty salon equipment, recommend S7C, XF30e, etc.

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