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Oxygen filling water injection equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Hydrating note oxygen instrument

hydrating oxygen injection is a lot of beauty agencies will carry out the beauty of project, common filling water injection of oxygen instrument on the market although the brand is different, but the basic principles are the same, small make up with all of you take a look at this article the basic content of oxygen filling water injection equipment.

class specialized instrument is used for filling water injection oxygen into water oxygen instrument with ultra small bubbles instrument, although the two instruments are employed a different principle, but the main effect is a deep clean the skin, give skin complement moisture, oxygen, if equipped with nutrient solution can complement nutrient. Have client asked small make up this type of oxygen injection apparatus can achieve what degree give skin complement nutrient, basically can be through the epidermis to the dermis, if equipped with acne acne factor can also be effective operation.

said to compensatory nutrition for skin, small make up you want to recommend a kind of special used for skin nutrition of the imported equipment, is the skin nutrition import instrument, the specific model to have DRC, DR08 and DR09 are good, is the main use of membrane open and electroosmosis technology, successfully organize nutrients into the dermis, and the degree of increased the degree of absorption, even at ordinary times the skin cannot absorb macromolecular nutrients can also be successfully be absorbed.

small make up more than introduce the three series of instruments, related introduction can be found on our website, so focusing on the surface is not the same, so you can choose and buy when need clear which aspects need to consider their function.

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