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808nm diode laser Hair Removal Machine

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painfree Soprano Alma Laser

painfree Soprano Alma Laser

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Product Description

What is 808 nm Diode Laser?

808 nm Diode Laser Hair Removal use special laser with long Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle. Using selective light absorption theory, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment.

Skin types
In total 6 skin types for different skin treatments, operator could save the parameters with different skin types.
3-40 J/sqm, the energy is real and low. All other Energy over 40J is fake or dangerous.
1-12 Hz.
Pulse Width
10-300 ms.
1-5 degrees, when operator does not shot with handpiece, the cooling degree will automatically come to "0" in 2 minutes. Strong cooling, treatment head can reach 0 ℃ within 1 second, and treatment tip is sapphire
In order to keep machine safety, operator could adjust a temperature number like 35 centigrade. When machine temperature reaches 35 centigrade, machine can not shot and should have a bit rest.
This is to identify handpiece.
Water flow
This is to show whether water flow is smooth or not.
Current shots
This is to show the shots of one treatment.
Total shots
This is to show the shots of all the treatments.


808nm 810nm Diode Laser
3 - 40 J/cm2
Spot Size
1 - 12Hz
Pulse Duration
10 - 300 ms
220V - 50HZ 110v - 60Hz
Machine Dimension
50 * 42 * 110 cm
Output Power of Laser
Continuous working time
8 Hours
60 Kgs
Package Dimension
62 * 58 * 140 cm

Permanent Remove unwanted hair about the different parts of human body.

Vertical diode with micro channel water circulation from Germany with lifespan of over 15 millions shots.
Ion filter from Korea ensures the ion density in the water at zero. Ion is the leading factor of water system block and diode burnt.
There is water flow, water temperature and hand piece identify sensor to protect the machine.
The 6 skin type parameters can be changed and set after input password. Then users do not need to set the parameters every time.

VANOO Post Sales Service
Vanoo will repair or replace the broken machine for free in first 12 months.
There are 5 Vanoo international engineers to offer 24 Hours Service to solve client's problem.
If the machine is beyond warranty period, Vanoo only charges the replaced spare parts at cost price. All service will be free for whole machine life.

For distributor, our engineers could go to your company to repair the machine or train your engineers for maintenance.


Why VANOO 808 is safe, Painless in treatment?

1.Max energy is 40J, which is true energy. All other Energy over 40J is fake or dangerous.
2.Strong cooling, treatment head can reach 0 °C within 1 seconds, and treatment Tip is Sapphire
3. Intellective Parameter setting, Energy is higher, the Frequency is lower by itself. Avoid high energy+high frequency burn skin.
4. Self checking for water tempt. Water circulation, Handpiece working status. Any abnormal, machine will stop work by itself.
5. low flounce, high repetition rate pulses slowly increase the temperature of the hair follicle containing the cells responsible for hair regrowth

Why 808nm Continous working time can reach over 4 hours and Handpiece life Span can Reach 15million-20million shots?
1. Powerful Water circulation , Use High Powerful diaphragm pump 4 times water pressure than normal pump.
2 .Micro Water Channel Make ventilation better.
3. Cooling will stop working within 2 minutes when no laser shot, because continuous cooling will easy freeze inside of the handpiece, which easy damage the laser mould. 

Service of VANOO 808nm Diodes Laser Hair Removal Product
1.OEM is allowed, we can add your company logo to machine and screen;
2.ODM is allowed, we can manufacture new product according to your requirement;
3.Free language service, we can make different languages menu, now we have Spanish, French, English and Italy, Germany, Russia menu.

Clinical Test
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The product provides customers with more detailed receipts rather than just a slip of paper with the date and the amount of the sale. The product is not easy to get wrinkle and crease. People do not worry that it can not keep its shape after they bend it.
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