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Pico second laser Nd Yag laser machine tatoo removal pigment removal pico second laser machine

Pico second laser Nd Yag laser machine tatoo removal pigment removal pico second laser machine

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1. Our Pico Second Laser Machine is with three wavelengths. 532nm, 755nm, 1065nm. The functions of  532nm, 755nm, 1065nm wavelengths are as below: 
1). Honeycomb handpiece with wavelength of 755nm. Whitening & tender skin, skin rejuvenation, fade fine lines, lifting & anti-aging, acne marks& acne pit treatment
2). Flat handpiece with wavelength of 1064nm & 532nm. The 1064nm is for treatment of Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota , blue or black ink pigment in the skin, this tip is slightly shorter and has a round mirror inside. 
3). The 532nm tip is for treatment of red and brown tattoo pigment in the skin, this tip is longer and has a square mirror.
2. The Advantage of Software and Technology:
1). Real Picosecond, very fast. The same energy and effect on the skin for a short time, zero damage to the skin
2). The double honeycomb uses the lens principle to enhance the energy 20 times, simultaneously like the shower head evenly spreads the high energy to the certain area on the skin. To maintain the effect while avoiding skin damage
3). The flatcap is homogenized three times, and the laser on the skin is homogenized three times. The first internal laser emitter is first homogenized when it emits light, second homogenized when it passes through the light guide arm, and third homogenized when the two treatment heads emit light. Three Times homogenization is a safer and more uniform effect on the skin to avoid trauma.


The ergonomic shape of this product does really contribute to stabilizing and supporting feet to reduce stress on feet, ankles, and knees. People will love this product because its hand feels, drape, bearing, weight, and elegance are all synonymous with quality.
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