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Portable eye care system beauty machine

Portable eye care system beauty machine

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portable eye care system beauty machine




Bonni Eye care system utilizes the given electromagnetism frequency which matches with resistance of human body and adopts precision temperature controlling technology to make anode  ion and cathode ion move fastly guided by electronic eye patch, which would generate different heating effect on the target skin around the eyes. This process will rebuild new collagen, activate cell, plump the skin around the eyes and improve the micro blood circulation naturally. So Bonni Eye care system can eliminate striaes, bags around eyes precisely, decrease wrinkles, dark circles around eyes effectively and tighten the skin around eyes immediately.




1.Stimulate collagen and collagen fiber rebuilding, tighten the skin and decrease the wrinkle around the eyes.

2.Maintain the elasticity of the skin, reinforce the moisturizing capability of the skin around the eyes and remove various wrinkles including stria.

3.Accelerate the blood and lymph circulation around eyes to increase the blood oxygen content, avoid the pigmentation, diminish the dark circles around the eyes and eliminate the eye bags caused by puffiness.

4.Stimulate the forming of glucosamine to increase the thickness of the skin, improve the sensitiveness of the skin around the eyes effectively, relieve the skin looseness and tighten the skin.

5.Recover the skin’s self-repairing capability effectively, increase the generation of intercellular viscous-substance in the skin; avoid the impairment of the collagen and elastin of the skin to make the skin stay healthy effectively.





Model No.: R100E

Input Power: 50W

Maxium Output Power: 30W

Output Frequency: 3MHz ±0.2MHz

Timer: 5-30M step by 5M

Energy: 0-20J step by 1J.

Temperature measurement scope: 0-60°C

Environment temperature: 5°C-40°C

Relative humidity: ≤80%

Height above sea level: ≤1750m

Electronic Power: AC 100-240V  50-60Hz

Dimension: 30cm*29.5cm*12.5cm

Net weight: 1kg



The product provides enough fun for children and adults, and it adds extra excitement to any events or celebrations. People can benefit from this product for its strong wear and tear resistance. Even it is used in harsh condition, it remains its original performance as usual.
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