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CO2 Fractional laser

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Professional for CLINIC, Vertical CO2 fractional laser machine for traumatic scars

Professional for CLINIC, Vertical CO2 fractional laser machine for traumatic scars

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Product Description


CO2 Scanner Laser Machine


1. Principle of treatment

Fractional laser technology is a kind minimal invasive treatment between invasive and noninvasive,which is the latest and hottes skin care technology in USA, and it’s also the most often talked about by dermatology community for these two years in the world. It was first published in 2004 by laser medical expert of Harvard university,Dr. Rox Anderson, who based on the fractional photothermolysis theory.Then it is immediately recognized by experts all over the world and rapidly applied to clinical treatment. fractional photothermolysis theory is an extension of traditional selective Photothermolysis theory. It combines the advantages of invasive treatment and noninvasive treatment, so it is a kind of rapid treatment with prominent effects, little side effects and shorter period of recovery. Fractional laser treatment is by the means of punching every tiny holes in the skin by using laser, then arouse a series of biochemical reactions of skin to achieve skin tighting, skin rejuvention and pigmentation removal. Fractional laser treatment will only cover part of skin tissues, and the newsmall holesare not overlapped mutually, so part of normal skin will be retained and speed up to recover. Patient can return to normal life after 4-5 days. 


2. Appilcation:

 1.Skin resurfacing(wrinkle removal)

 2.Acne and acne scars

 3.Pigmentation(age spot, sun spot, melasma)



3. Advantage

 1. Fast

 2. Comfortable

 3. Variable density and denth

 4. One or two treatment

 5. Single pass

 6. No consumable costs


4. Technical Specification

 Model PC030-B(Ultra Pulse)
 Wavelength 10600nm
 Mode Structure  TEM00
 Max Power 30W
 Peak Ppwer 800W
 Laser Output Modes Continuous, Single Pulse,Ultra Pulse
 Aiming Beam 5mW Diode
 Controls  Touch Screen
 Display Color LCD
 Cooling Water Closed Cycle Cooling System
 Beam Delivery 7Joints Articulates Arm
 Electrical 230V 50Hz
 Warranty 1 year


5. Easy to Operate:

The scanner could be applicable in laser surgery, the doctor who operating with the scanner is not needed to have a complicate training course for operating steps. Instead, the doctor only need to select the figure of treatment, then easy to set up the most basic parameter and to do the treatment. The operation of scanner will be easy and humanized, so that the doctor could serve for each patient more intently.


6. The Scanner Technical Specification:

 Spot Size ≤0.2mm Min 0.1mm at the focus
 Interval Between 2 Spots 100us-10ms(adjustable)
 Pulse Repetition 1-1000Hz
 Treatment size  20x20mm
 Net Weight 0.7kg/1.5kg(adjustable)
 Size 60x60x40mm 






Clinical Test

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Customers who bought this product praised that there are no sharp edges or metal burrs on it, hence, they have no worry that they will get themselves hurt. The product greatly improves the heat dissipation for the devices. It helps protect the device from overheat, but also it improves the performance of the device.
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