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Q switch laser operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Q switch laser operation is

there is heart of the love of beauty is very normal things, especially now the era of the pursuit of beauty and fashion, such problems of skin pigment spots appear, however, has brought people a lot of trouble. Spots appear, make many people lost the original tender and flawless skin condition, in order to regain the confidence of skin, a lot of people try to Q switch laser operation.

Q switch laser operation, which is now known as the beauty industry tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, is a common laser cosmetic instrument. Tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument is the product of laser technology is relatively mature, can effectively remove all kinds of pigment spots, the skin tender, white and beautiful skin effect is obvious. Tuning Q laser laser can penetrate the skin to the deep skin, directly impact on organization pigment pathological changes, not damage under the premise of normal skin, to remove pigment spots.

tuning Q laser instrument and is an obvious advantage of multiple operation, the characteristic of the laser wavelength, specifically for pigmentation of the skin condition, targeted to eliminate pigment tissue on the skin, tuning Q laser of 532 nm and 1064 nm laser wavelength, with regard to the depth of the hidden inside the skin, color, size of pigment organization with specific operations, so as to improve the effect of operation.

this is a simple introduction of Q switch laser operation instrument, tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument for removing pigment effect is very good, known as pigment, Shanghai's 1064 QCH - beauty equipment manufacturers 3, 1064 QCL are popular,

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