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Q switch laser remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Q switch laser remove plaques

laser remove spots instrument if it is to find a good effect in the operation of the q switch laser remove spots, namely we often say the tuning q laser remove spots, then the q switch laser remove spots is do what? What are good models?

the q switch laser remove spots is the principle of laser blasting pigment, was the light of it is often said to blasting, laser energy will be absorbed by all kinds of pigment, and the splash and birthmarks, etc. It is because of a large amount of melanin concentration produces, so when after laser irradiation on the spot, the pigment will be broken down, and eventually to restore original color of the skin. Q switch laser remove spots due to high energy and therefore is one of the professional remove all kinds of leather spot beauty instrument, and the series equipment is divided into many levels, and different size according to the energy is very suitable for different types of beauty institutions.

there are customer q q switch laser remove spots there are so many model, how to choose? Which one is good? High energy is currently 1064 QGH, single pulse energy can reach 2000 mj, pulse width is very short, operation is damage to the skin will be very small. But the price is more expensive, this instrument generally suitable for medical cosmetic institutions and hospitals, general beauty salon can have a look at the 1064 QCH it, energy reached 800 mj, all pigment for basic questions effect is very good, like chloasma, birthmark operation are not problems, and price is moderate.

besides can remove spots, all the q switch laser remove spots vervet doll is a very good instrument with white porcelain doll operation instrument, tender skin, to black head effect for satisfactory, if you are interested to know more please contact us.

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