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Radio frequency body contouring slimming skin tightening lifting beauty manufacturer.

Radio frequency body contouring slimming skin tightening lifting beauty manufacturer.
Product Name:
reyouth plus
reyouth plus
Factory Price:
Payment Terms:
Min Order Quantity:
1 set
Delivery Time:
5 – 10 working days after full payment
Shipping Method:
Express, sea freight, air cargo, land transportation
CE, ISO13485
Supply Ability:
1000 sets/month
Delivery Methods:
DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx door to door service

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Business Value

1. High comfort and high popularity rate : Truly painless and             non-invasive facial and body shaping. 

2. Meet different needs: There are many projects and parts that can be operated, and the popularity rate is high. Easy to get clients and repurchase.

3. High return on investment: Four handles for facial, body, arms and legs , and physiotherapy, four big projects, kinds of demand scenarios to meet different needs. Easy to get clients and repurchase.

4. Operation does not depend on experience: Intelligent temperature control reminder + menu operation screen + ergonomically designed handles, make operation more intuitive and easier, without relying on experience.

5. Easy to maintain: No need to add or change water, easy for daily maintenance;we have built-in filter cotton which is disposable, to ensure sanitary and will not be blocked.

  • Technical Principle

 Multi polar radio frequency

There are 4/6/8/12 polar, multi polar, easy to fit, more comfortable and safer, low radiation more environmentally-friendly.


 650nm red light

(1) Healing: replenish cellular energy. Effectively healing wounds, improve early-aging skin, enhance skin immunity, and reduce the appearance of various skin problems.

(2) Promote blood circulation: improve edema and cellulite, relieve muscle fatigue.

(3) High penetration: Promote the absorption of high maintenance skin care products and enhance the effect.


Vacuum Negative Pressure

(1)Facilitate penetration of RF power in treatment areas in maximum.

(2)Promote local blood circulation and local lymphatic drainage.

(3)Assist in fat cell volume reduction, so as to achieve the effect of fat reduction and shaping.



Operating system image

Case Study – face

Treatment time: once

Comparison effect before and after:

Pores shrink, skin becomes more tightening and elastic;

The nasolabial fold is lighter;

Apple of cheek becomes full and tight;

The jaw line has been lifted, and the whole line has become more obvious.

Case Study – Abdomen

Treatment time: once

Comparison effect before and after:

Flatulence has been reduced;

Waistline is obvious;

The overall circumference decreased.

Case Study –  Arm

Treatment time: once

Comparison effect before and after:

 Arm fat reduction;

The skin is more tightening and elastic;

The curve of the arm is more obvious;

Visible reduction in overall arm volume.






Face, Eyes, Neck, Jaw Line

Lift and tight, thin face, tender skin, bright white, fade lines

Fat loss

Back, Waist, Hips, Legs, Arms, Back, Limbs

Dissolve fat, eliminate fat, shape, compact, create S - shaped curve


Shoulders, Back, Waist, Abdomen, Legs

Relieve shoulder and neck pressure, back dredge, warm the uterus, improve articular rheumatism problems and improve sub-health

Body form

Neck, Jawline, Shoulders, Back

Build swan neck, slender shoulder, girly back, perfect posture.


Product acessories

Products parameter

Competitive advantages

  1. Product design advantage:

  1. 1. 4 handles which are ergonomically design, no force required to operate it.
  2. 2. Lightweight design of handles and cables, comfortable and easy to operate for a long time.
  3. 3.Handles socket, open bracket structure design, easy to replace the handles during operation.

 Software advantage:

  1. 1. Intelligent temperature control display, real-time monitor skin temperature during operation, help the operator to regulate the heat and energy. At the same time,consumers can watch the temperature change curve, and the visual effect makes consumers feel more assured.
  2. 2. Menu operation, it can be settled according to the operation items and body parts. Easy to use, and the operation is more direct and convenient.

  1. Qualification advantage
After-sales advantage
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