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RF skin lifting needle free mesotherapy Needle Free Injection skin care

RF skin lifting needle free mesotherapy Needle Free Injection skin care

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eye care machine

 1. Radio frequency principle

Same as RF machine.

2. Electronic eye patch with heat conduction technology (constant temperature)

Same as massage

3. Eye patch has India natural plant and essence of camellia

Replace essence and cosmetics. 

RF principle

Increase temperature + biostimulation

40 ° C: Improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve the speed to remove the biological waste and improve the immune system.

40 ° C -55 ° C: Promote the denaturation and production of collagen tissue, which is to achieve skin tightening and wrinkle removal effect.

Compare with product + Manual massage:

Effect is more obvious.
Profits of machines will be higher.

Compare with essential oil + Manual massage: 

Easy to operate,
Automatically, save labor
Not sensitive to reactions

Compare with injection:

Safe and comfortable without potential dangers
Not resistant
No recovery period

Compare withRF machine:

easy to use

Input power
Maximum Output
Output Frequency
3MHz ±0.2Hz
5 – 30M step by 5M
Environment Temperature
5℃- 40℃
Temperature Measurement Scope
0℃- 60℃
Relative Humidity
Height Above Sea Level
Electrical Source
AC 100-220V  50 Hz-60Hz
30 cm* 29.5 cm * 12.5 cm
Net Weight
2 kg
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Company Information
Research and development
Strong R&D customization ability. Since year 2003, OEM & ODM machines have been continuously supplied to Germany, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Spain and Australia.
Provide high quality machines and professional services to 180 worldwide distributors and 2,000 beauty salons.
Vanoo machines obtained CE,  52 patents Certificate, domestic medical production license, ISO13485 certificate, product quality reach international standard.
For agent, 3 days delivery, for other customer, 7 days delivery.
Professional teachers go to the store for training, and provide operating instructions, maintenance service manuals, operation videos, online training and other services.
After sales

24-hour online service, giving customer solutions within 12 hours.
1year warranty, lifetime maintenance
Factory direct sales, guarantee quality, providing competive prices

The function of the product is mainly to reduce shock and impact to the foot when people are walking or running. The product provides a snug fit. It is designed to give the utmost safety to people's belongings, allowing them to fearlessly travel.
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