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Semiconductor hair removal instrument preoperative considerations

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Semiconductor hair removal instrument preoperative note

how do hair removal to be effective? Presumably this is a lot of beautiful people considered the problem, the traditional hair removal method is prone to strong pain, repeated problems, bring many troubles to people. Semiconductor hair removal instrument hair removal almost no pain, hair removal experience is good, can achieve the effect of hair removal, but the semiconductor preoperative considerations have to know about the hair removal instrument.

semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is mainly used selective solar-thermal, laser penetrate the skin to hair follicles, melanin absorption of light by hair follicles, light energy is converted into heat energy damage hair follicle tissue, hair removal. Semiconductor laser hair removal is reliable, hair removal instrument preoperative considerations are:

1, laser hair removal must choose regular professional beauty institutions, operator and laser hair removal equipment.

2, should be done before the laser hair removal, the comprehensive physical examination, make sure there are no major problems.

3, laser hair removal is banned before taking aspirin or similar anticoagulant drugs.

4, laser hair removal before a week to avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

5, menstrual period and pregnancy may not be for laser hair removal.

these are for semiconductor hair removal instrument preoperative considerations of simple introduction, these considerations can't be ignored, could affect the effect of laser hair removal,

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