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Semiconductor laser hair removal is hair removal

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Semiconductor laser hair removal, hair removal?

every girl wants to have white and delicate skin, raise your hand is cast sufficient between all show female feminine charm. But the embarrassment of hairy's a lot of beauty. So how to say goodbye to this annoying embarrassed? Using semiconductor laser hair removal machine for hair removal, bother you to get rid of excess body hair.

hair growth, regression phase and stationary phase. In the period, the hair growing period of rapidly dividing cells more melanin, therefore is extremely sensitive to light; In the regression issue, qualitative degradation, dermal papilla atrophy; Stationary phase separation of hair follicle and hair papilla, hair loss. Different parts of the hair follicle growth cycle is different.

hair growth cycle and hair removal operation relationship: 1. Because the strong light of retrograde phase, stationary phase has no obvious effect of hair, only after the hair into the growing strong light can work, so the semiconductor laser hair removal, hair removal need multiple operation effect is obvious. 2. If certain parts of hair growing up in the proportion of small, the operating frequency to increase, and operating times can be reduced. 3. Based on the different parts have different hair growth cycle, there is also a difference between each operation. Such as beard and on the lips of hair has a relatively short period of rest, the time interval can be reduced to 1 month; The trunk and limbs hair static period is relatively long, operation interval to about 2 months. 4, the depth of the hair follicle is also owing to the different parts, if the depth is deeper, semiconductor laser hair removal is in use for laser hair removal operations should be carried out with long wavelength laser. 5, such as a part of the hair follicle density is high, the operation should be appropriate to reduce light energy.

under normal circumstances can have mild burning sensation, general 2 & ndash; 3 hours, then disappear. Part have mild local redness, general 2 & ndash; 3 days to recover. Postoperative operating parts should be kept clean, avoid sun exposure.

Shanghai law expert analysis, using semiconductor laser hair removal device for laser hair removal is reliable!

according to Shanghai's expert introduction, semiconductor laser hair removal is compared with traditional depilatory cream, hair removal methods such as beeswax, have good sex. Laser hair removal is a mild skin laser project, leaving no scar, yes. Shanghai method of semiconductor laser hair removal instrument has condenser cooling and sapphire cooling, the cooling system of powerful protection, on the surface of the skin at the same time greatly increases the comfort of the operation.

semiconductor laser hair removal, hair removal is the use of pigment in the hair follicle has the character of selective absorption of laser to destruction of the hair follicles, sweat of our skin, sebaceous gland secretion is not an impact, such as accuracy, so, don't need to worry too much. Of course, selecting semiconductor laser hair removal is normal for laser hair removal is extremely important factor interoperability and effect.

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