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Show you understand the e light beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Belt you know e light beauty,

to open a beauty salon, need many beauty equipment. Every woman wants to have white skin, face have splash, very affect individual image problem e dispelling the spot light is the more popular and effective a way to remove spots, stefano next small make up for your detailed introduce:

e dispelling the spot light USES IPL and combination of RF technology, namely e using electromagnetic and heat effect of IPL light to provide the ideal of the deep dermis temperature rise, e dispelling the spot light for the whole dermis and connective tissue, the depth of different collagen hyperplasia, in addition, the e light remove spots generated by the thermal effect, can strengthen blood vessel function, improve circulation, so as to eliminate or improve wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, improve skin quality, shrink rough pores, make skin tone effect.

e light delicate skin, can handle a variety of skin problems at the same time, such as dark yellow, pore bulky, spots, etc. , in addition in operation as well as collagen regeneration, improve skin texture, delicate skin, increase skin elasticity and vitality.

that's e light beauty instrument related content is introduced

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