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SM10600AH + 60 tile carbon dioxide lattice lasers

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
60 tile type lattice co2 laser SM10600AH +

due to factors such as work stress, environmental pollution, women prone to spots, wrinkles, skin complexion dark skin problems, such as to have beautiful skin, skin problems to be solved. Lattice co2 lasers are the beautiful people against skin problems, good fight decline of beauty equipment. Stefano next small make up for your detailed introduce:

type lattice co2 laser by using the principle of matrix, on the skin evenly on micro holes, which in turn caused a series of biochemical reactions, skin wrinkles, firming effect. 60 w dot lasers, stripped ability stronger stripping depth deeper, produce inflammation of the postoperative nursing care less simple, less tissue damage to the surrounding normal skin.

SM10600AH + lattice lasers with lattice model, super pulse mode, continuous mode and private mode. Lattice model: used for reconstruction of facial skin, stimulate facial collagen regeneration effective against wrinkles. Continuous mode: used for acne skin, laser selective effect on the sebaceous glands, solve the problem of acne. Super pulse mode: used in proliferative cutting and stripped of skin problems. Private mode: used in personal care, improve the vagina relaxation, dryness, pigmentation, intimate rejuvenation.

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