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Spa equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Spa equipment

spa equipment everyone not unfamiliar, so facial spa equipment don't know if you have heard? Actually our facial skin because of long time contact with ultraviolet ray, cosmetics, all kinds of impurity particles in the air so tend to become dull, rough, pore is bulky even acne, this time you will need a facial deep clean, tender skin instrument, which is brought by the small make up today spa equipment: ultra-small bubbles, hairdressing instrument.

ultra small bubbles cosmetic instrument is a used to replace the traditional manual nursing high-tech beauty project, with the operation effect of immediacy, in some of the more mature markets, usually put it together and oxygen into water, and a very loud name: new facial natural SPA.

we know that the human body normal cuticle thickness for 5 - commonly 15 layers in different thickness, through the skin presents different situation: ( 1) Performance when too thick ( More than 15) : (1) the skin is dark yellow, not luster; (2) the skin coarse, desquamation; (3) the skin appear acne; (4) pseudo wrinkles. ( 2) The performance of the normal thickness ( 5 - 15) : (1) the skin ruddy luster; (2) the skin delicate, texture; (3) the skin moisture content increased, clear enhancement; (4) the skin water embellish, reduce wrinkles.

ultra small bubbles cosmetic instrument is the operating principle of moisture grinding accurate stripped: the main use of tens of thousands of bubbles in the explosion, the stratum corneum and hair follicle holes eyewinker accurately, can accurately remove accumulation and aging cutin cell, at the same time give skin filling water.

that is brought by the small make up today all the content of the spa beauty instrument instrument ultra small bubbles,

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