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Suction more beard needle head above the advantage of the injection device

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Suction more beard needle head above the advantage of injection apparatus

with the development of the whole market of fast, above the skin has become the love of beauty in the daily skin care project, then the above injection beauty equipment has become the indispensable injection equipment, beauty institutions in a variety of above injection apparatus, welcome all negative pressure type more beard needle head above the injection device.

traditional injection apparatus technology demand is higher, single needle injection machine is not easy to make uniform injection injection, so now most beauty institutions selected suction more beard needle head above the injection device, negative pressure meter above the injection is called injection and reliable high-tech beauty project, negative pressure above the injection device can suck up the skin, make injection, injection frequency can be adjusted at the same time, dose control, control the accurate quantity up to 0. 01cc。 Stefano above injection device specially equipped with five beard needle head and nine beard needle head, make uniform injection injection into the skin, in addition to skin the danger zone, basic can full face injection, skin absorb quickly, no recovery time, as you do. Dermis absorption complement nutrient is as high as 98. More than 3%, higher than traditional replacement therapy, 68. 3%; Added depth control accuracy up to 0. 1 mm dose, injection is one of the high-tech beauty instrument accuracy higher injection of beauty equipment.

Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , according to the market demand, research and development production a negative pressure above the number of injection device for beauty institutions to choose, and each injection apparatus have been through clinical testing, the testing results show that the basic no leakage phenomenon, the effect is better than that of South Korea above injection device, at the same time, the method to produce the needle water GuangZhen needles, common in most of the above injection on market instruments, need above the needles and above injection apparatus beauty institutions can rest assured purchase.

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