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Supersonic Needle Free Mesotherapy Injection Machine

Supersonic Needle Free Mesotherapy Injection Machine


Supersonic Needle Free Mesotherapy Injection Machine


Shanghai Vanoo Laser new launch Supersonic Non Invasive Mesotherapy Machine. It is a machine quite suitable for HA or Stem cells or Meso products since it can increase the absorption rate of essence product by more than 80%. With the function of moisturize, skin whitening, micro needle repairing, light lines and wrinkle reduction, skin lifting, stretch mark repairing, acne removal, hair care and virginal anti-aging etc. 

It is needle free and non-invasive with below latest and advanced technology:

Precise dosing system. Do not depend on experience.

560m/s Supersonic speed and Nano-atomization technology. The liquid can reach the mesoderm directly through uniform diffusion. 

Taking low temperature air source as power source which can ensure the activity and stability of the product.

It can be matched with various effective essences to achieve plan marketing.

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