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tiro IPL veloce

tiro IPL veloce

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This machine is only provided to distributors, please contact with us to know the local distributor of this machine if you are end-user, such as clinic, Spa, salon.


Welcome to know the best IPL machine in China market by comparing table as followings:


Normal IPL



Work Mode

Multi-pulse mode

Single pulse mode

Single pulse mode can emit the energy averagely, however, multi-pulse mode focus the energy on the first pulse, which is very easy to burn patients.


400-1200nm for SR, 610-1200nm for HR

570-950nm for SR, 650-950nm for HR

TM700 filtered the violet light and infrared light, which will eradiate and absorb the water from the target skin. So TM990 hasn't any side-effect to body.

Identified Handpiece



Idenfitied function makes the operation simple, and make the treatment safety!

DEC Technology



Make sure the energy output accurate and the same with the display all the time, which makes the operation easy and safe.

Particle filter & De-ionizer filter



Prolong the life span of handpiece and machine !




Which accelerate the speed of the operation and short a lot of time for treatment!

Work technology

Stationary technology

Stationary technology and In-move technology

TM700 can use the 1/6 time to do treatment on back, leg and arm comared than normal IPL machine.

Monitor function



Which shows all of connected points in the display and monitor them all the time, which cut a lot of time for maintenance if there is any problem with TM990.

Water sensor



Which make sure the water circulation is working and prolong the life span of the xenon lamp.


luz pulsada intensa

1. Identified handpiece, HR & SR. The display can enter into the correct operation menu directly after you insert the handpiece. 

2. Water temperature sensor, water level sensor and water flow sensor make sure the machine to woke safely and loose your worry on burned handpiece and burning patients. 

3. The xenon lamp imported from Germany Heraeus Nobleight is warrantied for 500,000 times shot.

4. Particle filter and de-ionizer filter remove any rubbish which is more than 100um, this specification prolong the life span of lamp and handpiece effectively.    

5. DEC Technology make sure the energy out from handpiece keep the same no matter how long you use this machine, make sure the energy out from different handpiece keep the same. Which lose your worry about the operation. 

6. Updated software can be available on this machine, our R&D department make sure the software in this machine advanced all the time no matter how long you used. 

7. Provide one monitor menu on the display to maintein easily, please send this picture to us if there is any problem with this machine, and we can provide the relative spare parts to you correctly, which make the maintenance easy and fast. 



1. Hair removal

2. Skin rejuveantion

3. Acne treatment

4. Pigment removal

5. Red vascular


HR: 650-950nm

SR: 570-950nm

Pulse: Single

Pulse on: 8ms

Spot size for HR: 15*50mm

Spot size for SR: 8*40mm

Display: 10.2" colorful touch screen

Water temperature : 50 c

Energy for SR: 1-12J/cm2

Energy for HR: 1-7J/cm2

Timer for SR: 1s,3s, 30s

Timer for HR:1s, 3s, 12s.

Pulse repetition rate for HR: 3Hz

Pulse repetition rate for SR: 2Hz

Power: 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

N/W: 70kg

This product could be a smart investment. Because it endures for a long time, it actually helps save people's money in the long run. This product is worth the investment. It not only lasts longer but also can make an individual feel better. - Said one of our customers.
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