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Ultra small bubbles

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Ultra small bubbles

people now living and working pressure is bigger, plus the environmental pollution, it's easy to have a big pores, skin dark, especially easy to sensitive skin. In order to save more and more sensitive skin, excitant small ultra small bubbles come, make your skin delicate, full of vigor and vitality.

ultra small bubbles cosmetic instrument M521 - Plus and M526 - Plus, with the nutrient solution by vacuum negative pressure formed by a combination of circuit, by a specially designed small spiral head direct effects on the skin absorption, a long time in contact with skin, prompting stripping effect. Ultra small bubbles and the combination of adsorption, under the conditions of no pain deep cleansing, remove aged cutin and sebum, dispel various impurities of follicular infundibulum, mites and grease residue, follicular infundibulum is full of nutrients, at the same time provide nutrition for skin, make skin moist, tender luster. Small bubbles cosmetic instrument basically has the following advantages:

1. The cutin and water supply, at the same time.

ultra small bubbles prompted exfoliation, remove aged cutin and leather fat injection of nutrient solution at the same time, your skin not dry, the skin moist, smooth and delicate skin.

2。 There is no side effects, and reliable.

there will be no wound, pains, burns, side effects such as acne. Do not have harm to the skin, no taboos, can be normal in daily life.

3。 Multiple effects of skin care.

remove residue on the skin of a foreign body ( Cosmetic residues and sebum) For tender skin and improve pore problem is very significant.

ultra small bubbles instrument not only can clean the skin, give skin hydrating nourished, you can also go to acne and blackhead, etc. , and pen have bubbles, ultrasonic head, RF radio frequency and microwave operation with four handle, easy switching, can meet the demand of different operations,

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