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Ultrasonic reduced fat

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Ultrasonic reduced fat meter

a slim figure, I'm afraid you have been, now of the people's living standard, the obese people also more up, the beauty is in trouble. Reduced fat has always been the hot topic of people mouth, is need long time of persistence and perseverance, ultrasonic reduced fat instrument is beauty salon equipment to help people achieve reduced fat, so ultrasonic reduced fat instrument have what advantage?

ultrasonic reduced fat instrument focused ultrasound can be highly selective dissolution only a specific depth of fat, and not hurt nearby blood vessels, nerve and muscle tissue. When skin accept ultrasonic energy, creates a physical layer in the subcutaneous tissue thermal damage effect, cause the decomposition of fat cells and tissue membrane rupture, the damage caused by the direct decomposition of fat, at the same time cause slight inflammatory reaction, fat to produce a series of physiological damaged dissolve fat metabolism. Ultrasonic reduced fat meter mainly has the following advantages:

1, the tight skin lubrication: heat mechanism at the same time stimulate subcutaneous tissue layers of collagen contraction and hyperplasia, quickly to fill the gap after melting fat, make the skin smooth.

2, fat shape: provide a centralized ultrasonic energy, deep subcutaneous place, destroy and remove subcutaneous adipose tissue.

3, ultrasonic reduced fat instrument operating time is short, as long as a short hour can reach the effect of reducing fat.

4, noninvasive focused ultrasound technology, shape tight double reaction to create.

ultrasonic reduced fat meter is a kind of noninvasive reduced fat instruments, no injections, no surgery, does not affect the normal life and work, especially convenient for work. Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have different styles of ultrasonic reduced fat,

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