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ultrasonic Nano atomization drug delivery system

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VANOO mesotherapy gun needle free mesotherapy device

VANOO mesotherapy gun needle free mesotherapy device

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I. Technology and Theory of Supersonic Nano atomization non-invasive drug /essence delivery system 

The system uses the principles of fluid physics, and the gas source uses low-pressure nitrogen, helium, compressed air and other high-pressure gases. The low-temperature and high-pressure gas passes into the specially-made ballistic cavity to cause the gas to expand and work, forming the relative movement of the expansion wave and the reflected wave, and producing a series of complex flow changes such as violent oscillations and fluctuations. The nanometer atomization can be achieved by instantly weakening the tension and adhesive force of the liquid ( accurately to 0.02ml each time). And then the trajectory of the ballistic tube wall forms a vortex-like shock wave supersonic shot (560 m / s), reaching the deep layer of the skin, allowing the tissue to be dispersed and non-invasive, no damage.


II. Advantage of Supersonic Nano atomization non-invasive drug /essence delivery system


III. What can Supersonic Nano atomization non-invasive drug /essence delivery system do?

Combining drug /essenceIt removes wrinkles, fills the skin with hyaluronic acid, improves oxygen supply to the cells, increases hydration and elasticity of the skin, removes reddening (rosacea) and acne and soothes the complexion. Anti-allergic repair , Lipolysis , Sculpture face, Stretch marks repair, Hair essence delivery. 

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The product helps extend the life expectancy of the device, reducing the risk of device aging caused by high operating temperature. The product has an excellent rebound capacity, providing maximum comfort and softness for people who are suffering from foot pain.
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