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808nm diode laser Hair Removal Machine

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Vertical 808nm diode laser / diode laser hair removal / hair removal speed 808 vanoo laser

Vertical 808nm diode laser / diode laser hair removal / hair removal speed 808 vanoo laser

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Diode laser machine

Remove facial hair;
Lip / hairline
Remove body hair;
Underarm / chest hair / bikini / back / belly
Remove upper limb hair;
Arm/big arm/finger
Remove the lower limb hair;

1. Selective absorption of light and heat decomposition:
Reason: The hair shaft and hair papilla absorb a lot of light. Light energy is converted into heat. Instantly heat up, and burst broken hair papilla. And then hair dry and shedding and decaying.
2, According to the hair growth cycle (growth period, prosperous period.

3, Normally, there will be no hair within 3 – 5 years. Even hair regrowth again, the hair will very fine fluff, which does not affect the appearance.

Comparison project
Micro channel
Macro channel
Germany imported 400W, 600W micro channel module
Made in China laser Module
15 million
5 million
The water temperature reaches 35℃ self-protection, because the best working environment of the laser module is 16-35℃
Conduction refrigeration
High manufacturing process and difficult production
Simple process and simple production
Mainstream channels in Europe and America
Not popular in Europe and America
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Company Information

15 years experience in exporting machines
15 years of experience in serving more than 3,000 beauty salons worldwide
15 years of experience in cooperation with famous domestic hospitals
15 years of experience in the cooperation of foreign clients and channels

Research and development
Strong R&D customization ability. Since year 2003, OEM & ODM machines have been continuously supplied to Germany, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Spain and Australia.
Provide high quality machines and professional services to 180 worldwide distributors and 2,000 beauty salons.
Vanoo machines obtained CE, CFDA and free sales certificate, 52 patents
Certificate, domestic medical production license, ISO13485 certificate, product quality reach international standard.
For agent, 3 days delivery, for other customer, 7 days delivery.
Professional teachers go to the store for training, and provide operating instructions, maintenance service manuals, operation videos, online training and other services.

After sales
24-hour online service, giving customer solutions within 12 hours.
11year warranty, lifetime maintenance
Factory direct sales, guarantee quality, providing competive prices

One of the customers said that this prodcut has the right size, weight, and a great level of durability for the intended use. With an intuitive interface, the product is simple for employees to learn, which will result in shortening training time and help them to be more productive overall.
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