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Waves lift is firming women preferred choice

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Waves lift is firming beautiful women choose

time is the enemy of the female National People's Congress, as the age and time going by, so also can along with the increasingly aging skin flabby, also will lose its luster. The waves lift is to let you the choice of firming oh. So why do you say so? Do you know about whether the waves lift? Don't go to the view's medical beauty equipment center of science and technology experts is how to introduce.

1, the principle of wave lift

using the Radio Frequency principle, helping to boost cell active tissue expansion/function/improve lymph circulation/burn fat/tighten skin/restore elasticity.

by high frequency waves into the subcutaneous tissue of subcutaneous tissue to produce heat resistance movement, when the temperature reaches 68 to 72 degrees Celsius in the interface point, collagen produce immediate contraction at the same time, stimulate the secretion of dermis in the number of new collagen to fill the vacancy and the loss of collagen contraction, which once again hold up the framework of the skin, restore skin elasticity.

when a steady stream to produce collagen, makes the skin thickness and density of the dermis, fill wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster, make the skin white and tender skin look.

2, waves lift operation time

according to the site and the effect of different requirements, 5 - 50 minutes. Six different size head for different parts of the operation requirements.

three, waves lifts indications

1. Lift operation outside another firming to promote effective choice;

2。 Tighten sagging skin;

3。 Remove the true and false wrinkles;

4。 Improve stretch marks;

5。 Operation acne;

6。 Systemic resistance to failure ( Neck, back tightened modification, adjust the lift chest, waist and abdomen weeks shaping, shaping hip, leg form) 。

4. Why technology waves lift instrument to use?

in pieces the law norm of science and technology is a small volume of the freezing point waves lift equipment;

mixer has the function of freezing point unipolar and bipolar;

mixer epidermis cooling temperature of 0 ℃ lower dermis and subcutaneous tissue to accept high energy, no matter lose fat fat loss or pull skin tightening is better;

pieces of three unipolar head and 2 kinds of bipolar operation head set in one, a doctor by replacement operation head of unipolar and bipolar switching can be realized;

mixer continuous operation mode and operation mode of the pulse with the doctors choose;

mixer TUV company CE certification;

pieces removable type F pick masks;

mixer equipped with organic glass base.

mixer first-choice wave power the freezing point of China's model with firming anti-wrinkle equipment;

can be optional according to the clinical doctor: variable frequency of 4 MHZ RF power and fixed frequency of 750 KHZ.

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