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Waves lift type beautiful skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Waves lift type skin instrument

waves lift because the firming effect to the promotion of skin has very obvious, so popular with many customers, but the waves to lift a lot of beautiful skin instrument production factories, models are also quite different, small make up today is to introduce the method of wave lift type skin instrument.

waves lift type with M806e and M600e in beautiful skin tester, the former is a small desktop instruments, very convenient transportation and carrying, the latter is a vertical beauty instrument, beauty institutions and use more plastic hospital. The two waves lift instrument is using the method of sine wave of radio frequency, and are equipped with a single pole head and bipolar operation head, applies to the face, elbow and skin sags, ascension can also be applied to the reduction of local fat tissue, local reduced fat. So simple operation, postoperative nursing care is simple, so the waves lift instrument, also known as simple ageing equipment.

small make up recommend other is M700e China blue beauty instrument series, the instrument adopts the sine wave frequency and resonance technique can be used to separate water molecules waves lift, at the same time for the thin face, thin waist, remove the double chin, remove neck lines, remove eye end lines, remove the hand elbow wrinkles the effect is very good. M700e overcome the deficiency of the traditional waves lift equipment, such as penetration depth is not enough, not deep into the dermis, energy is insufficient, can't achieve very good effect, is a worthy of choose and buy of the instrument.

more beautiful skin is waves lift type instrument of all content, specific detail parameters can be found in the center of our products, or please directly

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