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Waves PiYi anti-wrinkle eye

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Rf PiYi anti-wrinkle eye

eyes, is an important organ of communication between people. When we communicate with others, we will go to look into the eyes of others, so the eye wrinkles, is the one thing bothers us. For the eye wrinkles, what can we do to make them is no longer our worry? Yes, that's except knit. Now, most of us should be heard of waves to lift the technology. So, waves PiYi eye anti-wrinkle effect how? Will there be any side effects? Small make up for you to lift.

PiYi waves, is a collection of anti-wrinkle, tender skin, improve the wrinkles of beauty equipment. It USES skin reconstruction principle, the operating part of biological tissue reaction in the 1 s electric field electric polarity change millions of times, the organization of charged particles with the same frequency to produce rapid Brownian motion, make the organization produces columnar distribution of heat, thermal effect leads to the collagen hydrogen bonding structure damage, thus changing three helical structure of collagen molecules, cause the immediacy of the contraction of collagen, realize instantly firming and enhance operation effect. So as to achieve the aim of removing eye wrinkles. This is a method of effectively remove wrinkles. As long as the operation is properly, the operation in strict accordance with the improved method to improve slowly, after will reach PiYi eye waves anti-wrinkle effect.

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