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What are the advantages freezing hair removal instrument?

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
What are the advantages freezing hair removal instrument?

freezing point hair removal technology is the use of selective principle of field operation instrument, the semiconductor laser penetrate the skin surface, applies to contain rich melanin hair follicles. Stefano technology experts point out that melanin after the absorption of laser energy, the temperature will rise rapidly, the semiconductor laser light energy is converted into heat energy, so that the hair follicle tissue destruction around, get hair removal effect. < / P >
< P > the effect of freezing point hair removal instrument operation < / P >
< P > 1, : HONKON semiconductor freezing point laser hair removal using micro-channel refrigeration technology, original laser used to ion system, circulating water pure; Using precision constant temperature system, the realization of hair removal, freezing the sapphire skin protection system of the relative state of the freezing temperature of 4 ℃; Rapid cooling, make local skin temperature cooled to low, asing if is carrying 'ice'. Carefully calculated 800 nm wavelength photon to direct hair follicle roots only break down the follicle, does not damage the surrounding skin tissue, also play a role to protect the skin. The traditional sharp waves are improved for the cw continuous downy light, soft, avoid skin damage. < / P >
< P > 2: depilate shortcut: freezing hair removal technology is the traditional circular spot upgrade improvement for seamless square there, will improve 3 - hair removal rate Five times the depilation swiftness. < / P >
< P > 3: soft hair is removed: generally speaking the deeper the color, the coarse hair removal, the better the results. Shallow fluffy and soft, color is more difficult to remove. Freezing point hair removal of equipment parameters such as pulse width, light spot area to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, even soft hair can also remove one by one. Stefano semiconductor laser operation technology of science and technology, is you out a suit excess hair, longitudinal enjoy good skin. < / P >

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