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What are the advantages of lattice laser cosmetic instrument to scarring

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser cosmetic instrument to scar what are the advantages of

people's skin is injury prone to scar, scar, let a person feel the skin is ugly, affects the basic appearance of the image, brings people a psychological burden. Scar removal is not easy, people have tried several ways but the result is bad, go scar that lattice laser cosmetic instrument to scar effect is good, so what's the advantage lattice laser cosmetic instrument to scar?

lattice laser operation scar is now very popular a kind of method, go scar, relatively effective. Lattice laser cosmetic instrument chooses how to laser skills together, after a nearly uniform put micro laser pixels, then the high-energy laser micro role in skin samples arrangement, make effect to the skin to arrange to restart the birth to improve function, through the lattice laser stripping process of skin, assist to remove skin superficial scar, continuously stimulate collagen hyperplasia, together so that the normal skin as thermal diffusion area, do not damage the tissues, and then to remove the results of the scar. Lattice laser cosmetic instrument advantage mainly include:

1, go scar. Lattice laser scar, will not present the huge response of traditional laser to go scar, swelling, severe pain and skin reactions such as such as adverse situation, and using the set of confocal micro pixel pulse ACTS on the scar on the skin, normal skin on no scar as the cooling area, and then reduce the skin reaction.

2, comfortable to scar. Lattice in the process of laser scar all, purify scar patients won't feel too much trouble, lattice laser through the soft, uniform energy, safe and so was the medical profession is called beautiful skin. Usually only 40 minutes a lattice laser purify scar mercy, short duration, recover faster.

3, go scar. Lattice laser purify scar, each pulse of laser speckle, is made up of hundreds of micro laser pulse, and each micro laser flare area is only a few dozen square nano. Is a small percentage of traditional laser and is one percent, so the lattice laser for a precise and shine more evenly, effect is obvious, also the skills for.

lattice laser cosmetic instrument what are the advantages to go scar? Lattice laser to go scar without irritating, stabbing pain, no anesthesia, no hospitalization, reliable control at will. Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have different style of lattice laser instrument,

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