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What are the laser hairdressing apparatus

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
What laser cosmetic instrument are

for now, beauty salon, laser cosmetic instrument equipment, whether it's tender skin and wrinkles hair removal, remove spots are needed now laser cosmetic instrument, so beauty salon now commonly used laser cosmetic instrument have? Shanghai's small make up to you to unravel:

beauty salon commonly used laser cosmetic instrument are: tuning q laser remove spots instrument, laser hair removal device, lattice resistance to freezing failure instrument and so on equipment, operating principle of each instrument use and technology is not the same, function is also each are not identical. Tuning q laser remove spots instrument is now remove spots a beauty equipment, which are frequently used e light beauty equipment using intense pulsed light can be used for operating freckles, and tuning q laser instrument in addition to operating freckles, can also be used for removing chloasma, birthmark, zygomatic cyan in brown birthmark, against pigmentary lesions, etc.

freezing semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is a kind of sliding hair removal of freezing point instrument, hair removal process without any pain, also do not need to use the cold gel and other consumables, only need to slide gently when hair removal can have very good effect. Is hair removal beauty equipment. Lattice laser cosmetic instrument is mainly used for reconstruction of skin, resist decay, younger, and so on, at the same time can also be used to remove pigment, blain blain to imprint the pit operation, is a more comprehensive instrument.

what about laser cosmetic instrument related knowledge is to introduce you to them and would like to open beauty salon choose instrument friends, can contact Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , online customer service staff or call 18811037549, do detailed introduction for you.

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