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What are the main laser cosmetic instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
What are the main laser cosmetic instrument,

for beauty salon, laser cosmetic instrument is a kind of common equipment, beauty salon is to carry out the project of extension guest, the guest good helper. Laser cosmetic instrument type currently on the market more, let beauty salon teachers don't know how to choose, small make up take you understand now, what are the main laser cosmetic instrument?

the current common laser cosmetic instrument are tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, lattice laser instrument and semiconductor laser hair removal device, and the picosecond laser instrument for special fire now. Mentioned tuning Q laser, I'm afraid a lot of people are not strange, mainly divided into the active Q and passive tuning Q laser, take the initiative to adjust Q, also called lightning tuning Q laser instrument, dispel effect is very good for pigmentary lesions; Passive tuning Q laser is divided into different styles according to the single pulse energy, which can be used to wash tattoo, wash, wash eyebrow eyeliner and remove superficial skin spots.

lattice is mainly refers to the lattice co2 laser, laser instrument applied to the skin of time is very short, reduce the thermal damage to the skin, long wavelength can operate on the darker skin problems such as spots, pigmented nevus, etc. , on the color spots, sink, pore bulky, the skin coarse, blain blain to imprint, gravid grain surface skin problems such as the pit's operation, is also very effective, but also increased the private mode, can manage the female intimate.

semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is a professional hair removal device, the effect of freezing point can be hair removal; Picosecond laser called & other; Laser skin ferrari & throughout; , remove speckle effect is very good, also can wash tattoo, improve the appearance of fine lines, pore bulky, etc. Above is what are the main laser beauty equipment, for the simple introduction,

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