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What is a good instrument laser remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots what instrument good

remove spots instrument has a lot of, remove spots in this all instrument laser remove spots in the instrument is a professional instrument designed specifically to remove spots, remove spots and laser instrument is divided into different kinds, today small make up together with you to see what is a good instrument laser remove spots.

again called tuning Q laser, laser remove spots apparatus which have active and passive again, the main difference is that a single pulse energy is continuously adjustable, take the initiative to adjust Q also known as electro-optic Q, including model 1064 QCH and 1064 QGH, energy 800 mj and 1000 mj and 2000 mj, usually 800 mj energy can operate all common stains, including chloasma, birthmark, etc. And if it is for small lesion, or operating effect, you can choose high energy.

grade passive tuning Q laser model also add more comprehensive, including 200 mj, 300 mj, 400 mj 800 mj, even low energy 200 mj is mainly used for washing eyebrow tattoo, the energy can begin to do leather patches over 400 mj. So what kind of laser remove spots instrument? Energy, the higher the better, of course, but the price will increase accordingly, if you are going to do leather spot small make up recommend you can consider the energy of 1000 mj's 1064 QGH, if you plan to end point in the instrument can operate most dermal spots, and skin spots, you can choose a 400 - energy mj MV11, if you are a tattoo shop you can select a energy 300 mj MVC.

these are small make up to bring about the laser remove spots what instrument good everything, if you look at is not very understand you directly

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