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980 use laser to red blood silk instrument the note

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
980 laser to red blood silk instrument use note

980 laser to red blood silk instrument is a new type of Shanghai's company red blood silk instrument operation, can remove red blood silk, operation process without pain, will not cause skin damage and scarring. However, teachers use 980 remove red blood silk descriptions reflect properly, p loss, there are some matters needing attention can't be ignored, stefano small make up to answer for you now 980 laser attention to red blood silk instrument to use.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the wavelength, numerical aperture optical fiber connection laser equipment synchronization. When a component temperature more than 50 ℃, said the input power is too high or numerical aperture does not match. At this time, to reduce the input power of the laser equipment or use another match the handle.

1, before using the handle should be line debugging

remove the protective cap and SMA - 905 interface to connect to the laser device. Make sure the handle fiber has joint. ( Note: SMA - 905 interface end face ( Into the light side) Must be kept clean. Do not touch interface part of the face exposed. )

2, open the laser equipment

when laser equipment in & other; Prepare & throughout; State, stepped on the foot switch to make laser output of laser equipment. ( Note: when the laser without excessive bending or pull handle optical fiber, optical fiber may be broken or malfunction. )

3, used to keep the handle end clean to prevent overheating or damaged

with gauze and hydrogen peroxide, carefully wipe fiber along the axis. ( Note: do not scrub or use coarse material wipe fiber and handle part. Handle the lens shall not at any time to wipe, can only use a washing ear ball to blow dry. )

4, after using, please clean up fiber and handle, and set on the optical fiber protective cap

【 Prevention and warning]

1, laser fibre optic connection device, ensure that the end of a fiber ( The light side) Don't damage or contamination.

2, do not squash to reward excessive bending or optical fiber, so as to avoid damage.

3, when the handle is high power or prolonged contact tissue damage when they handle the lens or shorten life.

4, the use of light to take light put, prevent the broken handle.

5, don't again and again the plug handle, instrument failure, please shut down the instrument in time, waiting for the engineer to repair.

more than 980 laser to red blood silk instrument use considerations, it is very important, must not be ignored in the process of operation. Shanghai's 980 g - beauty equipment manufacturers 10980 f, g - 980 More than 30, 980 k to red blood silk instrument, effect is very good,

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