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After laser instrument remove moles considerations

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Note after laser instrument remove moles

people is no stranger to moles, easy to appear in many parts of the body, even some people say that different parts of the nevus represent different meaning, such as rich mole, beauty spot, etc. But the emergence of birthmark, easy to influence people's appearance image, laser instrument and remove mole effect is good, get the welcome of beautiful people, but also cannot ignore note after laser instrument remove moles.

tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument for removing moles effect is better, by using the principle of the light induced by blasting, high-energy laser reach the moment of pigment, heat expansion cracked into pigment particles, part through the skin directly out of the body, the other part was over human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, nevus pigment gradually disappear, so as to achieve the aim of eliminating nevus. Laser instrument remove nevus is relative, won't cause damage to normal skin tissue, laser instrument after remove moles matters needing attention are:

1, 7 ~ 10 days after laser instrument remove moles wound don't touch water. Laser equipment remove moles during operation no makeup, no drinking, don't do face film, angiotelectasis don't rub.

2, laser instrument and remove wound scab skin from 5 days after the mole began to fall off, take off after the scabs, more delicate, fresh organization cannot withstand sun, so must pay attention to prevent bask in. Advise when going out to apply sunscreen, especially in the summer.

3, laser instrument after remove moles, pigment fade is a slow process of biology, the love of beauty is to review after one and a half months after surgery.

4, avoid strenuous exercise after laser instrument remove moles, and too much sweat, but also pay attention to prevent bask in, the skin more white people more attention should be paid to prevent bask in, make sure remove mole effect.

this is to remove the laser instrument after mole simple introduction note, laser beauty equipment remove birthmark not damage the skin, do not produce scars, only remove pigment, less pain, no anesthesia, rapid recovery and little influence on the normal work.

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