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E light beauty instrument suitable for what spring beauty project

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty machine is suitable for what spring beauty project
in 2014 has arrived, we usher in a new season bloomy spring days, a lot of beautiful people also want to in the flowers, the charm, that as a beauty salon what can do for your customer?

below, also for the beauty enterprise efforts we introduce you to some of the E light beauty equipment suitable for the spring in the beauty of project:

1. Photon tender skin: after the dry winter, many people maintain good skin become dull, rough, with the effects of climate change, easy to cause skin allergy, the need for beauty and skin care. Photon tender skin is a kind of skin medical technique, on the premise of the epidermis cooling protection, from basal layer to improve the skin, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity, improve acne sequela, reduce fine lines, skin, a course of treatment, the skin immediately with compact and beautiful skin.

2. E light hair removal: with the development of optical beauty science and technology, from the beginning of removing splash to micro stripped, the light is more and more beautiful people solve the troubles of life. Company law. Multifunction E light beauty equipment series in tender skin, wrinkles at the same time, the implementation can easily implement depilate. E light hair removal is based on selective solar-thermal dynamics, through the reasonable adjust the laser energy, pulse width, wavelength of light can be through the skin surface to hair root hair follicles, light energy is absorbed and translated into break down the follicle tissue of heat energy, and make hair loss of ability to be in at the same time, does not damage the surrounding tissue, slight pain.

3。 Remove spots: spring climate is mild, optical postoperative nursing care and recovery. So it's suitable for optical beauty, in the spring do E remove stains, light is used E light IPL technology, on the premise of epidermis cooling, intelligent ( IPL + RF) Big limit applied to parts of hair follicle dermal papilla, can under the condition of the customer has no obvious pain easy hair removal.

in addition to and varied in the spring, in spring, beautiful people also start to prepare for the coming summer, so, 2014 spring beauty could usher in a new picture again.
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