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E light hair removal beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light hair removal beauty,

hot summer watch is about to come, for beautiful people, expect your skin fresh and smooth. But the hands, feet, armpits and other parts of the dense hair is easy to happen, destroyed the beautiful beautiful people plan to travel, e light hair removal beauty instrument can help people get rid of excess hair troubles, restore skin smooth and tender state.

e light beauty machine is freezing point can be hair removal, intense pulsed light easily absorbed by the melanin in the hair and hair follicle is converted into heat energy, thermal energy to make the hair shaft and follicle rapid heating up, when the temperature reaches 60 & deg; C above lead to split hair damage, hair growth, hair follicle degeneration, dermal papilla cells die, eventually make the original hair, and make new hair growth slow, thin, thin and not growth, thus achieve the goal of hair removal.

e light beauty equipment fast hair removal, and solve the traditional methods couldn't solve the problem of the hair removal, the traditional light hair removal is to rely on a hair shaft to absorb enough quantity of heat, and then to hair follicles to hair removal, which is why at the time of operation less melanin hair with the conventional methods are often the cause of the effect is not good. Strong hair removal through the combination of IPL and e light pulse light and RF radio frequency energy, which can function and hair shaft and follicle at the same time.

this is simple introduction of e light hair removal beauty instrument, e light hair removal operation parts don't touch water, pay attention to prevent bask in, don't pull out or remove hair, the diet also should pay attention to don't eat spicy excitant food,

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