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E light hair removal instrument the freezing point

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light hair removal instrument freezing

in this era of attaches great importance to the image, a lot of people for their unwanted hair more, especially in the summer, sometimes because embarrassed to wear pretty sexy clothes. Traditional method of hair removal effect is not very good, pain is intense, so a lot of beauty parlour choose to use e freezing point light hair removal instrument to solve customer problems, now we learn about the detail.

e light hair removal instrument is to use the freezing point of the principle of selective light absorption, hair removal operation is a specific wavelength of light waves on the melanin in the hair follicle cells, the light energy is converted into heat energy, make the hair follicle heating to produce lasting damage, hair loss, achieve the goal of sex hair removal. E freezing point light hair removal equipment is our IPL, RF radio frequency technology and epidermis cooling technology for the integration of intelligent systems, good effect, specific wavelengths of growth period of hair follicles only to work, so the hair removal is need 4 - 6 times to complete.

e light beauty equipment for hair removal operation, much lighter than the traditional hair removal method of pain, but patients still have slight pain, is within the range of ordinary people to bear, in order to reach the effect of hair removal, need to beautiful people endure a slight temporary pain. For those who are less pain tolerance or the skin is sensitive, some may be relatively difficult.

e light freezing point in addition to hair removal, hair removal instrument can also anti-wrinkle firming skin, tender skin, remove spots, to red blood silk, etc. , is a high cost performance of multi-function cosmetology instrument, is very popular and beauty salon equipment.

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