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Eyebrow portable washing machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Portable machine wash eyebrow

is a lot of tattoo eyebrow washing machine shop can use beauty equipment, when used by many customers, often need to carry so many people will choose a portable machine wash eyebrow, today we together a few sales good eyebrow portable washing machine.

wash eyebrow machine small desktop portable or large vertical, can wash the pigment of implant because wash eyebrow machine adopts laser technology, can be directly blasting in the skin pigment. It is the basic principle of laser skin, make the skin pigment melanin absorb enough light, when the light energy absorbed by the pigment particles reach a certain extent after blasting fragmentation, pigment disappeared. So judge a wash eyebrow machine quality is the important conditions this wash eyebrow machine the size of the single pulse energy.

if this wash eyebrow machine energy is too small, want to blasting pigment need irradiation time is very long, so that the heat accumulation by the skin and the higher, the greater the resulting damage to the skin. Now on the market most common eyebrow washing machine is a single pulse energy of 200 mj tuning Q laser operation, generally speaking this energy is used to wash eyebrow is enough, if you want to achieve a comfortable experience, can choose a single pulse energy high 300 mj or 400 mj eyebrow washing machine. In addition, the eyebrow washing machine is also equipped with a carbon powder head operation, using the operating head can do baby tender skin beauty salon do dark face.

portable washing machine sales in good eyebrow is classic version MV4500, performance is superior to wash eyebrow eyebrow washing machine machine MV11, cost-effective wash eyebrow machine MVC MV2008 eyebrow, special washing machine, etc. , if you are interested can know more in the center of our products to see tuning Q laser beauty equipment series.

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