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Get rid of the red blood silk net wire

by:Vanoo      2021-02-08
Remove red blood silk net silk

the weather from day to day forgive me, some love beautiful ladies, the red blood silk on the face, also began to slowly climb up the face impression is beautiful. And stefano technology company net is the better choice of remove red blood silk, silk operation on the spot. Now the season is red blood silk good operation effect.

the net silk, can in the millisecond time heating solidification in the expansion of the hemoglobin in the blood capillary and blood capillary endothelial cells, which will expand the vessels immediately closed, because net wire I, II operation scale operations only 0. 01 mm in diameter, so the operation is negligible for skin damage, combined with the postoperative recovery of the product can dispel the expansion of the capillaries, and almost discomfort, net yarn number I, II energy density can be instantaneous solidification, almost any skin tissue, frozen tissue will be in 3 - Seven days off, so the net wire I, II can effectively operations hyperplastic lesions, and age spots, sunburn, pigmentary lesions, here we suggest products do postoperative nursing is very necessary.

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