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Ipl photon tender skin instrument operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Ipl photon tender skin operation instrument

ipl photon tender skin operation instrument is the instrument have long recognized by beauty institutions, because of its high cost performance and simple operation, the instrument shipment quantity increasing in recent years, almost half of ipl photon tender skin cosmetology organization will be equipped with a instrument operation, so the instrument effect how?

the first photon tender skin instrument is multifunctional instrument, the main function is practical, including hair removal, remove spots, red blood silk operation, operation acne and tender skin, it is necessary to develop this several function better project is carried out, and no cost, no risk of project, I was especially suitable for the majority of small and medium-sized beauty salon. Photon tender skin instrument price are relatively cheap, usually in common, is not a problem for most of the salon.

the photon tender skin instrument effect how? Effect in terms of the instrument is very well, but because the IPL technology, when operating, skin will absorb energy a lot, not only influence the effect indirectly, increase the operation time, pain will be heavier, affect the operation process of comfort. OPT beauty instrument is based on the improved after, will OPT energy function in the dermis, and significant effect of a single operation, operation times less, operation process and comfortable, plus.

the photon tender skin in the QQ + E is this kind of device to sell more models, and OPT S6C beauty instrument is an instrument of OPT to sell more models, these two instruments is a table is a vertical, a price is suitable for small and medium-sized beauty salon a cheaper price in the fruit is good for beauty.

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