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Multi-functional opt hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Multi-function opt hair removal instrument

the love of beauty is human nature, all want to let own beauty stay in eighteen, lock the youth, beautiful. Winter began to do hair removal, hair removal of summer harvest is bright and clean skin. Then followed his small make up together to understand the multifunctional opt the hair removal instrument:

opt hair removal instrument by using the principle of selective absorption of light, intense pulsed light penetrates the surface of the skin, accurate orientation root hair follicles. Through hair follicle melanin the selective absorption of light, to make hair, melanin selectively absorb heat, temperature rise within the hair follicle hair follicle solidification, hair automatic discharge protect skin from damage.

OPT hair removal is a kind of method of hair removal, strongly professional, has no effect on normal skin, tender skin, and the effect of firming skin. Plus sweat depend mainly on small sweat glands, and small sweat glands opening is not in the hair follicle, and OPT hair removal is cleaning the hair follicle, won't hurt your sweat glands, so will not affect the metabolism of human body and the sweat. In general, after a lot of, can achieve the purpose of hair removal, it is affected by many factors, of course, hair removal is need a process of operation.

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