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Multi-functional remove spots instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Multi-function remove spots instrument

for beauty salon, remove spots is very popular a kind of beauty, is a lot of beauty customers need to solve the problem. Facial spots, directly affect the person's external image, and even lead to psychological burden, a lot of beauty parlour will choose to use multi-purpose remove spots instruments to relieve people's trouble spots, so the multi-function remove spots instrument what are the advantages?

multifunctional dispelling the spot actually is mainly the photon hairdressing apparatus, the e light beauty instrument is combined with intense pulsed light technology and RF radio frequency technology, coupled with good skin cooling technology, intelligent combination targeted operating spot, the freckle spots such as skin spots removing effect is very good, and is a kind of dispelling the spot beauty equipment, will not affect people's normal life and work. Opt hairdressing instrument is an instrument of photon upgrades, flat square wave technology to launch a uniform and stable pulse light, keep the balance of energy stability, greatly improve remove spots of interoperability, reducing the occurrence of burn injuries, and so on and so forth, is dispelling the spot beauty instrument beauty salon is worth having.

tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument is also a kind of multifunctional remove spots instrument, especially the electro-optical tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument 1064 QCH, for removing chloasma and other spots, the pain is light, in addition, also can remove nevus of ota, ITO, mole, zygomatic brown blue nevus and so on pigmentary lesions. But the electro-optical tuning Q laser instrument prices is relatively higher, more suitable for large and medium-sized plastic body.

multifunctional remove spots instrument type is more, the salon to undertake choosing according to their needs, suitable for dispelling the spot instrument is good. Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have many to choose from dispelling the spot instrument,

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