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Semiconductor laser hair removal equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument

human hair is too thick, dare not wear a skirt, short-sleeved summer cool clothes, such as bad impression, I'm afraid, it is really disturbing things. Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is for beauty salon professional hair removal equipment, can achieve the effect of hair removal, freezing bring comfortable hair removal experience.

the semiconductor laser wavelength of 808 nm laser hair removal equipment, especially suitable for Asian hair color absorption, mainly by the selective thermal effect of the laser hair removal. Laser penetrate the skin to hair follicles, melanin absorption of light energy is converted into heat energy by hair follicle, hair follicle tissue destruction, hair loss. Semiconductor laser hair will not damage the surrounding normal skin tissue, will not affect people's life and work, brought many conveniences to people.

semiconductor laser hair removal equipment mainly for growth of hair to destroy the hair follicle, hair removal effect. But generally speaking, three is the status of the human body hair growth cycle coexist, thus to achieve the result of hair removal, to accept 3 - More than five times the operation, to destroy the growth period of hair beautiful hair removal effect. Semiconductor laser for human lips, lips, axillary, arm, big arms, legs, thighs and a bikini, can be removed the excess hair, convenient the demand of the beauty of human body hair removal.

semiconductor laser hair removal instrument was welcomed by the broad masses of beauty salon, mainly because of its good hair removal effect, also can have the effect of certain tender skin, shrink pores,

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