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Shanghai lifted lockdown! Vanoo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. resumed work!

Shanghai lifted lockdown! Vanoo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. resumed work!


After Shanghai has been under lockdown for two months since April 1, good news has finally arrived! On June 6, Shanghai will gradually resume normal travel and normal production and life. Shanghai Vanoo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. also officially resumed work! All work has returned to normal. Everyone came to the office in high spirits, telling the joy of lifting lockdown and regaining freedom. At the same time, we did not forget the disinfection work. As soon as we arrived, everyone took the initiative to use disinfectant water to clean carefully to their work desk.

At the mobilization meeting for the resumption of work of the marketing department, everyone was full of energy and spoke freely.



Everyone is also full of confidence in the next work and has written down plans for future work.

After being locked at home for two months due to the epidemic, everyone had many feelings:

"A healthy body is the capital of everything, and we should pay attention to exercising at ordinary times." ——Cheng, Technology Department.

"The more difficult it is, the more determined it is to be prudent always, and the more perseverance to overcome difficulties." —— Alice, the Marketing Department.

"Come out slowly from the initial fear and depression, adjust your mentality, and face it correctly. And then work hard, have a good life." —— Alan, Marketing Department

"This epidemic has made me realize that life is actually very tiny, but it is also very fragile. Life and health are precious, cherish them in our limited life." —— Kathy, Sales department.

"Desperate and anxiety, the only good way is to live in the present, because tomorrow or the accident I don't know which will come first. With awe, wait for the epidemic to dissipate as soon as possible." - Adrian, Technology Department.

During the two months of lockdown, everyone had anxiety and fear, but in the end we all ushered in freedom! All the staff of Vanoo Laser Technology Co., Ltd, in line with the principle of "never give up, make you satisfied", will serve you wholeheartedly as always!


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