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Vacuum RF body slimming fat removal beauty salon equipment

Vacuum RF body slimming fat removal beauty salon equipment


The technical principle of Vanoo Reyouth Plus.

A: Vanoo Reyouth Plus mainly has three technical principles:

1) Multi polar RF.

4/6/8/12 polars, multi polar RF, different polars which can meet different demands.

More comfortable, much safer, low radiation more environmentally-friendly.

2) Red light.

①With heat effect which could accelerate  inner circulation, stimulate cell tissues and promote its growth.

②Promote blood circulation, increase the phagocytosis of cells, and relieve swelling.

Increase tissue nutrition, fasten the wound healing.

Whitening and rejuvenating, anti-aging, high maintenance, high penetration, high import, promote the rapid absorption of beauty products.

3) Vacuum Negative Pressure

Facilitate penetration of RF power in treatment areas in maximum. Promote local blood circulation and local lymphatic drainage. Assist in fat cell volume reduction.

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