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Slimming beauty equipment: Slimming shaping is looking for me

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Slimming beauty equipment: Slimming shaping me

want to rapidly Slimming shaping, don't want to go through the agony of those ordinary Slimming shaping method? Stefano recommend you an easy and rapid slimming shaping beauty equipment.

HONKON - Slimming Slimming shaping series beauty equipment mainly by mechanical massage roller, vacuum negative pressure adsorption, dual monopole radio frequency (rf), bipolar radiofrequency, red light and infrared light four kinds of operation method, to skin the synergy of Slimming and shaping operation effect.

roller mechanical massage:

rotary roller has obvious mechanical massage function, especially the XF - I+、XF- VII+、XF- X a spiral structure of the wheel speeds up the kneading, massage effect of skin tissue. Roller mechanical massage function can enable organizations metabolic wastes, apoptotic cells and alien invaders out, at the same time enable organizations of microcirculation, improve skin impressions, restore the skin texture, reduce hypodermic and adipose accumulation.

vacuum negative pressure adsorption:

8 kg of negative pressure suction larger output, can make full skin organizations at all levels of adsorption between dual monopole radio frequency, the RF energy effectively reach the subcutaneous tissue, and can let the skin absorption and release negative pressure effect and fully relax muscle, relieve skin and muscle fatigue, such as output dual monopole radio frequency at the same time, patients with bipolar radio frequency, the RF energy and infrared energy comfort will be multiplied.

double monopole radio frequency heating and mild thermal coagulation:

XF - I+、XF- VII+、XF- X vacuum negative pressure adsorption manipulator can launch sine wave 2. 64 MHZ radio frequency energy, in the subcutaneous tissue of X, Y, Z three axial distribution of tissue temperature, adipose decompose enzyme activity, can fully make the fat cells release of triglycerides; Triglycerides in under the action of lipase, cracking into fatty acids and glycerol, as out of the body.

HONKON red and infrared light stimulation and dynamic effect can cause the skin changes as follows:

1, increased cell function, strengthen the cell vitality, skin young; 2, remove free radicals, delay skin aging; 3, prompt fibroblasts and endothelial cell proliferation to tender skin effect; 4, endogenous enkephalin increase, can relax nerves, remove fatigue of the inertia; 5, improve blood circulation disorder and blood to carry oxygen ability raise.

HONKON red light and infrared thermal effect can lead to the reshaping of the dermis and accelerate fat melting.

Slimming the Slimming shaping beauty equipment, can meet your various operation requirements, give you a Slimming shaping effect, make you unique!

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