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Ultra-low price of hair removal wash eyebrow multifunctional beauty

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Ultra-low price of hair removal wash eyebrow multifunctional beauty
many salon, hairdressing studio all want to use a multi-function equipment, good can be hair removal, tender skin, remove wrinkles, wash, wash tattoo eyebrow, remove spots, vervet doll, and so on, do such instrument but expensive?

M80e - stefano e laser light machine Plus, multi-function cosmetology instrument for double screen double system, equipped with three for the gunner, a gunner, e light a laser un-experienced operator, a rf leather hand. Can easily implement: hair removal, tender skin, red blood silk, remove spots, wash, wash tattoo eyebrow vervet doll, tender skin, such as waves lift to knit cosmetic project.

all-in-one M80e - Plus hand tools is introduced:

E un-experienced operator with light: F + E multi-function cosmetology instrument, the standard three filter, 530 - 1200 nm tender skin beauty can do projects; 585 - 1200 nm to do facial flush operation, red blood silk projects; 610 - 1200 nm to do hair removal project

laser E hand tools: can be used to remove spots, wash tattoo, eyebrow tattoo, tattoo, do vervet doll.

RW - V un-experienced operator has: can take the anti-wrinkle firming facial project

stefano the depilation wash eyebrow multifunctional cosmetic market price is very low compared to the price, less than 10000 yuan, can call method for 24 hours
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