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Ultra small bubbles beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Ultra small bubbles cosmetic instrument

what is beauty instrument, ultra small bubbles have what function, choose which manufacturer of ultra small bubbles is better? Small bubbles beauty equipment is clean, import, hydrating, go to black, tender skin as one of the multi-function cosmetology instrument. To improve skin quality, activate the skin, the three-dimensional contour has very good efficacy.

stefano ultra-small bubble beauty instrument, HONKON - M526- Plus, the use of micro/nano small bubble energy generator technology, using 299000 times per second high-frequency magnetic wave oscillation molecular collision principle, follow the high speed hit the water, waterfall blowout, produce water molecules into with nano slightly high oxygen water molecules, milky liquid milk bath, using molecular collisions, reoccupy ultra-high frequency magnetic wave cut, nano water molecules, and produce negative ions, ultrasound, and high oxygen nano water molecules. Because after nanoparticlization, negative ions and water molecules so can permeate the skin pores, remove old cutin, to undertake deep-seated cleanness. High oxygen magnetized water molecules into the skin after wool stoma, increase the skin and the oxygen levels in the blood, have prompted the body's blood circulation, activate cells to improve effect, delay the ageing of the skin function, improve firming, wrinkles etc.

stefano small bubbles cosmetic instrument its advantage lies in:

the effect of negative ions - - To purify the blood, activate cells, enhance resistance, adjust autonomic nerve;

the effect of high oxygen - - - Improve blood circulation, activate cells, reduce the water harmful material;

slow skin is dry, peeling, keep skin elastic and glossy, balance oil secretion;

clean: do all enjoy health, keeping in good health, when cleaning skin pressure, environmental protection life-size, fine heart meet

the effect of magnetic energy - - - - - - - - Stimulate blood circulation, help, and activate cells.

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