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Ultra small bubbles

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Ultra small bubbles instrument

you wash your face every day, that is to say, to do facial cleaning steps, then skin care, but now we face the pollution of the environment, work and life pressure and so on, it's easy to have a pore blockage caused by big pores, dull skin, acne and other problems. We want to have a clean white skin, the first thing to make skin clean, ultra small bubbles instrument is a good choice for you.

ultra small bubbles cosmetic instrument with special operations and products, can make skin clean, go cutin, tender skin, acne, firming, etc. , when daub skin products, deep clean the skin residue was achieved through the instrument operation, and resist bacteria in raw, at the same time, make the skin cells at birth, tender skin effect, recover skin health state of tender skin.

ultra small bubbles using micro/nano small bubble energy generator technology, with 299000 times per second high-frequency magnetic wave oscillation principle of molecular collisions, imitate the waterfall high-speed hit the water, produce water molecules blowout, after nanoparticlization, negative ions and water molecules so rapidly penetrate into the skin pores, remove old cutin, to undertake deep-seated cleanness. High oxygen magnetized water molecules into the skin after wool stoma, increase the skin and the oxygen levels in the blood, have prompted the body's blood circulation, activate cells to improve effect, delay the ageing of the skin function, improve firming, wrinkles etc.

this is simple introduction of ultramicro bubble instrument, this is a very popular device at present, anti-inflammatory sterilization, purify is corneous, clean and deep pore cleansing, to blackheads, etc. , is a beauty salon equipment,

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