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War spot pro - — Picosecond laser cosmetic instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
War spot pro - — Picosecond laser cosmetic instrument

said peeling seconds laser cosmetic instrument, may is not familiar with a lot of the beauty industry, this is a new laser beauty equipment, for chloasma, nevus of ota pigment spot operation effect is very good, also is what we call war spot expert & ndash; — Picosecond laser cosmetic instrument, now with the small make up to know the detail.

Shanghai method, is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer, debugging through continuous research and development, produced a picosecond laser cosmetic instrument qvyh - 1064 P01, belongs to a kind of tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, used to remove endogenous pigmentary skin lesion, exogenous pigment skin problems and traumatic pigmentation, operation pain is light, the operating effect is good, not easy to cause the pigmentation, shorter recovery time. Picosecond laser, mainly has the following advantages:

1. Breaks through the traditional restrictions, laser transient effect lens, using seismic waves sweep away melanin, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, from the inside out new skin.

2。 1 picosecond = 1/1000 nanoseconds, picosecond laser relative to other tuning Q laser pulse width is short, pigment shatter ability.

3。 Double wavelength of picosecond laser, with wide operating range, with strong ability to deep pigmentary problems.

4。 750 picosecond pulse width, pulse 400 mj energy, reduces the number of operation, reduce the side effects such as the black.

picosecond laser cosmetic instrument shatter pigment capability is strong, single short operation time, fewer operation, the instrument will prolong service life. Through small make up in detail, do you have a clear understanding, picosecond laser cosmetic instrument, please look for the Shanghai company.

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