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What is the value of Vanoo Reyouth Plus to your business ?

What is the value of Vanoo Reyouth Plus to your business ?


What is the value of Vanoo Reyouth Plus to your business ?


1. High comfort and high popularity rate : Truly painless and non-invasive facial and body shaping.

2. Meet different needs: There are many projects and parts that can be operated, and the popularity rate is high. Easy to get clients and repurchase.

3. High return on investment: Four handles for facial, body, arms and legs , and physiotherapy, four big projects, kinds of demand scenarios to meet different needs. Easy to get clients and repurchase.

4. Operation does not depend on experience: Intelligent temperature control reminder + menu operation screen + ergonomically designed handles, make operation more intuitive and easier, without relying on experience.

5. Easy to maintain: No need to add or change water, easy for daily maintenance;

we have built-in filter cotton which is disposable, to ensure sanitary and will not be blocked.


Skin Analysis Machine

Hair Removal Machine

Skin Resurfacing Machine

Eye Care Machine

Redness Removal Machine

Scars Acne Removal Machine

Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Skin Lift Tightening Machine

Hair Regrowth Machine

Body Shaping & Slimming Machine

Tattoo Removal Machine

Home Beauty Care Machine

Anti-Aging Machine

Noninvasive Transdermal Delivery Machine

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